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What is in my Bag?

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What Is In My Bag?

Reserve your Iron set ONLINE today.   Customize the rest of your rental set by coming to the Maui Golf Shop.  A complete Maui Golf Rental set may include, but not limited too, 14 clubs: 


Irons 4-SW

Driver 9.5, 10.5, 11.5, or higher

Woods: 3w, 5w, 7w  

Hybrids: 3H, 4H, 5H

Wedges: 52 AW, 56 SW, 60 LW and/or

additional wedges 54 SW, 58 LW

Putter: Mallet or Blade

Bag:  Cart Bag


We will try to accomodate any of your requests to the best of our abilities and based on our availability.


Selecting the Best Maui Golf Club Rental is easy with the Maui Golf Shop!

With Maui's largest selection of brand name Golf Club Rentals you will find the perfect golf set rather than picking from a limited selection elsewhere.    Call 1-808-875-4653 or email at

1. Reserve your Iron set ONLINE today-    Select an iron set ONLINE from Maui's largest selection of Men's, Ladies, Leftie, Seniors and Junior's.   We offer Stiff, Regular, Senior, Lady, Junior flex in graphite and steel.   We also offer over-length and ladies petite.    We have a set for every golfer.       

2.  Complete your customized Maui Golf Rental Set with In-Store Pick up-   When you arrive to Maui, come to the Maui Golf Shop to complete your Maui Golf Rental set.  With Maui's largest selection, you can recreate your set from home or customize your dream golf set.    With your Irons reserved, you hand pick the driver, woods or hybrids, additional wedges, putter and bag to complete your Maui Golf Club Rental set.  If you need help, the PGA Pro's at the Maui Golf Shop will help fit you with the perfect set.  

Have more questions here is a YouTube demonstrating how easy to rent a golf club rental set and book discount Maui Tee Times: 

How to Customize the perfect Maui Golf Club Rental Set:

We have an easy formula to help find the perfect Maui Golf Club Rental set.   Below are 6 questions we ask to understand your game and fit you with a set: 

1. Do you have a BRAND of Golf Clubs you prefer or play with at home?  Taylor Made, Callaway, Titliest, Ping, Nike, Adams....

2. What FLEX, SHAFT and LOFT do you prefer?  Regular, Stiff, or Senior; Steel or Graphite; Driver Loft 9.5, 10.5, 11.5, or higher 

3. What LOFT of wedges do you perfer?  50, 52, 54, 56, 58, or 60 degrees

4. What type of PUTTER do you prefer?  Mallet, blade, or Ping anser type

5. What is your price range?  $35/day premium; $45/day Super Premium; $60/day Ultra Premium.   A Daily Rental is 24 Hours for maximum We offer multi-day discounts if you plan to play more than one round.    

If you have any questions please Call 1-808-875-4653 or email at