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Golf Club Rentals

1-808-875-4653 |

Maui's Lowest Prices for Mens, Ladies, Lefties, and Junior Golf Club Rentals starting at $40 per day.    

Call 1-808-875-4653 the day before play to make appointment for pickup at 115 East Lipoa storage Unit 15 (far right side of building).   

HUGE SAVINGS over renting at the course with rates averaging $60-$75 per round.   

Maui Golf Club Rental Daily Rental Rates 




Premium (Most Popular)



Additional Days (1 day)



Weekly Rental 



2+ Week Rental



With daily, multi-day, and weekly rental specials you can feel at ease leaving your Golf Clubs at home to avoid costly airplane fees, loss and/or damage.    Click Maui Golf Club Rental Rates to view our rates.

With Maui's Largest Selection of Maui Golf Club Rentals you will find the perfect golf rental set without the disappointment of limited selection offered elsewhere.   The Maui Golf Shop offers Maui's Only Pick Your Own Customized Golf Club Rental Program.   Feel free to hand select your irons, driver, woods/hybrids, wedges, and putter.  This flexibility is offered no where else on Maui.  

We offer a 24-Hour Rental Program providing the flexibility for more golf!


 "We almost cancelled our tee times when the airlines lost both sets of clubs.   Thanks to the Maui Golf Shop for  having our exact sets.  We were still able to make our tee times" - Chip D


How Does This Work?  Just Two (2) Easy Steps

1) When you arrive to Maui, come to the Maui Golf Shop.  We are conveniently located at 115 E Lipoa Street,  Unit 15.   Call the Maui Golf Shop first before arrival at 1-808-875-4653 to make an appointment for pickup. .    

2) Personally Customize the Rest of Your Set:  Complete your set by personally picking a driver, woods or hybrids, wedge(s), and putter.   Feel free to CALL or EMAIL the Maui Golf Shop with any questions.   


Call Us Today! 1-808-875-4653 or  Email Us!



"Thank you Maui Golf Shop for helping us with our Rental sets. We wanted to bring our sets but your selection and service was great.  We loved being able to customize our sets to our liking.   We had a great round." - Lori C.