1. Don't wait to book your Tours and Adventures will you get to Maui. The best activities sell out FAST.
  2. Maui is most beautiful in the morning. The afternoon trade winds pick up around 11AM and last till 4:30PM. They will not ruin your day but can be a slight nuisance. Some activities like the zip line or the helicopter tour can get cancelled due to the wind so try to get the times slot before 10AM or book the adventure early in your vacation to avoid getting cancelled and missing out all together
  3. Haleakala sunrise is a Must Do for any Maui vacation. However, you need to get up early to see it. You can take a bicycle tour, guided van tour or drive yourself. Either way, plan this for early in your vacation as you will still be on west, central or east time zones and up early. Take advantage of the early morning. You will soon set in to laid-back Maui time soon enough.
  4. Leave your clubs at home. Rent your clubs at the Maui Golf Shop. You can spend up to $100 each way to bring them. You can rent clubs for as low as $20 for 2 consecutive days and save the big. Don't let your clubs get lost in transit. It happens all the time, believe us.
  5. If you are looking for the ultimate in golf vacations then we recommend you stay in South Maui. 9 of the 14 courses on Maui are located in South and Central Maui. South Maui like West Maui boasts beautiful weather, great accommodation options (mega resorts and condos), and a large selection of restaurants.